R.I.P. Bai Jing, Star of Kung Fu Wing Chun

Kung Fu Wing Chun star Bai Jing has been killed by her husband in Beijing. This comes especially as a shock to anyone who was eagerly awaiting this woman’s rise to fame as the next female kung fu star and bore the closest resemblance to Moon Lee we had ever seen. Not just some pop-singer-turned-kung-fu-star that we keep seeing out of China, not coming from the battalion of Wushu-trained athletes that keep popping up everywhere, but a woman who had a real martial arts background, with the looks to boot. Someone of the male gender at this level is hard enough to come by, not even someone from Jackie Chan’s Disciple show seems to manage this these days, but a woman like Bai Jing – a shining light in today’s martial arts genre.

Take a moment and feast upon what she accomplished. Here she holds her own against Colin Chou.

Here she is, man-handling some guy on TV. He’s an utter chump by comparison.

Lastly, the official news piece, plus a press gathering that speaks volumes about the woman.

There’s more out there, but not enough. R.I.P. Bai Jing, you will always be someone special to us humble kung fu film fans.