“Rise And Fail” likely to be renamed back to “Death Grip”

Based on the recommendations of fans and our sales agent, as well as our own preferences, we’re likely to rename the film to its original title Death Grip. While we had chosen “Rise And Fail” because we thought it to be more appropriate for the story than “Death Grip“, we do agree that Death Grip is a more suitable action film title.

This change happens frequently in the action genre, often due to regional differences in marketing. A recent example is Jet Li’s Danny the Dog, which was retitled Unleashed for its American release. Fans of the original title kept the “Danny the Dog” naming convention, so likewise if you want to mention “Rise And Fail” to us we’ll honor the naming preference. But for the sake of marketing the film and allowing us to continue doing films in the future, the formal name is likely to be Death Grip.