Donnie Yen vs. Vincent Zhao in Special Identity – and why Donnie is awesome

Here’s what’s awesome about Donnie Yen:

This film will mark the first time Donnie and fellow martial arts actor Vincent Zhao working together. They admired each other and are looking forward to face each other on film. Donnie stated that, as an action director, he will design several fight scenes for him and Vincent Zhao so viewers would get the most satisfaction and enjoyment out of the film. As a producer, he also jokes that being a producer actually means getting “hard work” done, and that he would have to learn from director Clarence Fok participating in shots like a learning observer (source).

“Vincent and I will do some great action scenes,” added Yen, who is also the movie’s action director (source).

The news reads “Donnie is making a movie with Vincent Zhao,” but the discerning eye can read what’s really being said here:

Donnie Yen understands that the best fights have two talented players, not one lone superstar.

Vincent Zhao’s nobody to sneeze at, and Donnie can work some magic, so he’s basically making our dreams come true. We’ve been asking this of every HK star since the 90s, but it’s largely been one star vehicle after another. But Donnie knows he can make the best match-up with formidable opponents, be they Xing Yu, Collin Chou, Andy On, Sammo, Wu Jing, hell anyone now. Donnie Yen is an artist who cares about his audience first. That’s a good man right there.

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