“The Kick” and a video timeline of glorified TKD/Hapkido

The Kick, a new Korean-Thai co-op from the studio behind Ong Bak. The stunts look phenomenal. Real-contact tricking. If you like Thai-style and TKD then you’ll be in heaven. But below the video I’ve also done up a small video history of glorified Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. Consider it a little homage to Korea.

The Devil’s Treasure with Hapkido man Wang In Sik (villain from Young Master and Dragon Lord)

Cassanova Wong c. 1975(?), the TKD man from Game of Death 2 and Warriors Two

The North Korean actioner “Order 027” from 1986 (full movie here and here)

Some 90s boot from Wang In Sik again

Lastly Jung Doo Hong in City of Violence from 2005 (the good stuff starts at 4:30)

We owe Koreans a lot, both for their own martial art film industry and their export of Tae Kwon Do and especially Hapkido to the Hong Kong film industry. Notable stars are Wang In Sik, Ji Han Jae, Hwang Jang Lee, and Cassanova Wong. Because if it weren’t for Hapkido, we may not have had Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung films.