Shooting Dr. Z's "American Dream" – Days 3 & 4

Day 3 – Sept 5, 2009

We started at 8:00 am in Chinatown, shooting in the first thunderstorm I’ve witnessed in the Bay Area in years. The thunder sets off a car alarm. Get some funny looks from tourists while one of the actors (while on camera) shouts “What are you looking at!?” at one of them. Go to get some all-you-can-eat dim sum, and Z fashions a hospital out of the rear corner of the restaurant. I guess white tile walls can pass for anything.

Then we go out to an alley in Chinatown, where nobody really goes unless they live there. The first thing I notice is a frothy white splatter appear on the ground 3 inches from my feet. I look up and see an open window. Later I hear someone getting ready to hock another one down at us and I dodge out of the way. People spit out of their windows regularly there, not to hit people, but because it’s just easier to spit out the window than into a cup or spittoon. One of the extras gets hit with a loogie minutes later.

Finished up, shot some stuff at a basketball court where Z explained that he’s never played basketball, and proceeded to prove it.

Day 4 – Sept 6, 2009

We shoot at Chrissy Field where I buy a $5 grass-fed hot dog. It tastes exactly like a $1.50 Costco dog.

Shoot at Trans America building, shoot in an office, which doubles for 2 offices in the movie, shoot at TA building again at night in the rain, and go home. Boring I know.