Law introduces Flitz to San Francsisco in "Tour"

Flitz, creator of the self-described “nerd” webcast The Chotto Show, came to the San Francisco Bay Area for a day to shoot a little video he calls “Tour”. From the Youtube description:

The second sort of offshoot of the Stunt People film “Contour,” the short film “Tour,” takes place among one of the many adventures of the San Francisco tour guide, Law (Eric Jacobus). Law picks up a couple of tourist, Flitz (Amra RIcketts), and Dude (James Gilstrap), looking to see the San Francisco sites. Sadly for law, the tourist are actually looking for a tour around the city, and not the narcotics that usually come along with the “tour” Law offers. Amidst the misunderstanding Law’s tour competition Carter (Shaun Finney), shows up, to snuff out law. The two tourist get caught in the middle and chaos ensues.

Tour is like Reno 911 mixed with Kung fu cinema. No scripts, all improve and full of awkward moments, with a taste of action to wet your whistle in true Stunt People fashion. Watch and enjoy! ^_^

Directed by- Eric Jacobus & Amra Ricketts
Edited by- Amra Ricketts

Tour from Amra Ricketts on Vimeo.

Youtube Version

“Tour” was mostly made through improvisation (except the fight). There will be a few other Contour / Detour offshoots while we get ready for the Detour feature film. Some characters will cross over into the Detour feature, though those characters may end up being played by different characters. For example, “Carter” in the above video will be played by Dennis Ruel.