Time Warp "Stuntmen" – Extended Action Footage via Flip Video

Discovery Channel’s “Time Warp”
Stuntmen episode with Ray Carbonel and Eric Jacobus
(Extended Action Footage)

When Ray and I went out to Boston to do Time Warp we brought around a little Flip Video to shoot random stuff in Boston and also to shoot some extra footage while doing the segment. When the episode aired, we were so proud to be on TV, but they left out a few stunts, and they had edited the fight into a weird barrage of punches and kicks. Here it is, mostly unedited.

We’re hoping to get some extra slomo footage, such as my HK spin and Ray’s fall onto the metal table. And sorry but the video is a little glitchy. Editing 3ivx video is a pain in the butt, and the best I could do has some extra weird frames thrown in for no good reason.