The Stunt People in Bollywood film with Saif Ali Khan – Day 2

This was mostly just a pickup day where we shot some coverage of the dialogue and fight scene. We showed up at eight and had a quick dinner, which was awesome as usual, and jumped right into shooting. On one take, Saif was on the ground with the camera at the same level, and he was screaming for most of the take, and afterward started crawling toward the cameraman trying to lick the lens. He’s a funny guy.

We also had the chance to talk to the cameraman/cinematographer, who had worked as a stuntman in Bollywood films. He had some great safety lessons he learned the hard way back home. The shoot finished at 12:30 AM, much earlier than the previous night which ended at 4:30 AM. Only two photos this time, but at least you get a glimpse of Jackie Do beating on Saif Ali Khan 🙂 The shoot was awesome and it definitely made an impression on all of us.