Comic Con Saturday, tons of people, Zombie chick, the best Power Girl we’ve ever seen, Iron Man, super flexible Bayonetta girl, Aion angel thingie, The Pope!, Michael Papajohn from Transformers 2 and Spiderman, Kitty as Sailor Moon (the blue one, and according to a nearby expert she isn’t supposed to use that staff), Thundercats, a Samurai, a Viking, and Ultimate Alliance starring Nathan Hoskins.

In 2005 Cecil B. Feeder finished his zombie-horror version of the San Francisco street parking scene starring Dennis Ruel and featuring Ray Carbonel, Troy Carbonel, Donovan McKendrick, and Lydia White. “The Gone With the Wind of kung fu zombie movies, this is the tale of a bloody uprising against the zombie parking police of San Francisco. Starring Dennis Ruel, Gino Kang, Ruth Pescara and man local celebrities, it is a story of one man’s fight, and a symbol of the people’s uprising against a goulish government.”

Meter Maid Me Massacre will premiere at SF Indie’s Another Hole in the Head film festival ( on 6/11 7:15PM, 6:15 5PM, and 6/17 5PM. Check it out on the big screen or watch it right here. -Warning: not safe for work-

The director also has a quicktime version on his site.