The final day of Comic-con was one of the most hectic we’ve ever seen. The doors opened early and the floors were packed. People rushed about to make their final purchases. Nathan passed some SP shirts off to Rob Van Damme (at RVD’s request!) and was able to meet Randy Couture. Shaun Finney was included in the Sockbaby 4 panel alongside Jon Heder, Dan Heder, and Doug TenNaple. Shaun did stunts for the film. When they mentioned “The Stunt People” apparently there was a heaping amount of applause.

We left San Diego at 8pm and arrived in the Bay Area at 5am. Time to decompress. I’ll have a full gallery up later today.

Thursday was the official “first day” of Comic-con, and it was already insane. The crowd was so thick we could barely get through the front doors to our booth. It was so packed they actually let people in early because the lines outside were getting so huge, and now we know we’re going to have to get to the convention early so we don’t have an empty booth.

We played some more of Namco’s Soul Calibur and saw Bao Tran’s film “Bookie”. Some of the fine folks we met were William Katt, his stuntman, and Robert Culp of The Greatest American Hero and MMA heavyweight Muay Thai champion and American Gladiator “Crush”, Gina Carrano. *swoon*

The Stunt People’s Gavin Merrick has spent the past few years making his way into the world of mixed martial arts. Gavin studied Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, and Jeet Kuen Do until 2004 when he took interest in MMA. Now he’s embarking on a career involving cage fights, and we’re wishing him all the best. Then we can start putting big taglines on our DVD saying “Starring MMA World Champion Gavin Merrick”. Drop Gavin a line at his Myspace Page, but definitely check out one of his latest fights below.