It's still January but California-based stuntman Eric Jacobus has already had a very busy 2017. From promoting his new short Blindsided and writing the feature film adaptation to working as a motion capture stuntman for numerous video games, Jacobus had momentarily stepped away from the Tekken IRL series. In his Armor King IRL video, Jacobus polled his YouTube subscribers, whose numbers recently surpassed 50,000, [...]

Matt Somerville has released his promo trailer for "Foruson." The trailer was shot purely for promotional purposes, and most everything that was shot is in the trailer. trailer from Matt Somerville on Vimeo. We're going to try and get hold of the bar fight, since that one was shot with continuity.

Alex Ng made a video of our March 13th practice when Andy Long came to visit. Alex Ng (light blue shirt) Andy Long (black shirt, black pants) Dave Yoo (black tank top) Erika Balasabas (red shirt) Eric Jacobus (blue shirt, black track pants) Shaun Finney (gray sweatshirt) Lucas Okuma (white pants) Duncan Daveau Kight (blue [...]

Now that I've made the case that even in this economy filmmakers are still incredibly well off, I thought I'd go a bit further... no, more like jump off a cliff, and make the case that because it's so easy to make films, it's possible to make money (hopefully profit) at the cost of the [...]