Stu Maschwitz of ProLost Blog and author of the DV Rebel’s Guide shot with Eric Jacobus for an episode of Red Giant TV titled “Creating a Summer Blockbuster Film Look”. Stu’s been announced as the new Creative Director for the Magic Bullet product line, and this video tutorial shows Stu’s skills.

“The Magic Bullet vision is to create software that gives any production, regardless of budget, the look of a high-end feature film. We are immensely pleased that Stu is dedicating his time and vision to enhance and grow the Magic Bullet tools in 2009 and beyond. He has already begun to work on new Magic Bullet products, and you will see many new and updated tools coming later this year,” said Sean Safreed, Co-Founder and Director of Products at Red Giant Software.

Stu was behind the visuals of Sin City, so he knows his stuff.
Red Giant TV Episode 22: Creating a Summer Blockbuster Film Look from Stu Maschwitz on Vimeo.

When Stu and The Stunt People collaborated in December, we created a very cool little Bourne Identity-style short. Now Stu has a rough cut, which he’s holding hostage right now of course, and I saw it. It was mind-blowing. Not only did fight choreography come out great, being a mix of Bourne-style realism and our brand of kickboxing and pacing, but the camera produced results that one could consider “unbelievable.” A bit of it has some fast cutting, but for the most part the fighting is 100% in-tact. After all, we refused to shoot coverage *snicker*. Right now it’s being edited by Gregory Nussbaum, editor of “The Spirit”. A rough cut of the short is done, running close to about 90 seconds, and once we have a final edit, I’ll (most likely) help with applying sound effects. Greg’s the man, he did some cooooool stuff. Coming soon.

On December 14, 2008 we were fortunate enough to work with Stu Maschwitz, co-founder of the San Francisco- and Los Angeles-based visual effects company The Orphanage. Stu got ahold of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera, a 21 megapixel beast that shoots 1080HD video at 30fps. Adam Phelps of Zero Gravity, and Stunt People members Pete Lee, Ed Kahana, Ray Carbonel, Dennis Ruel, Shaun Finney, and I got together with Stu to make an action video with it, and the image quality is absolutely incredible.

The Orphanage is known for its work for features such as The Host, Sin City, and Grindhouse. Stu’s also the author of The DV Rebel’s Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap, an amazing book on indie action filmmaking. Stu’s Blog is also loaded with great info about filmmaking.