I’d like to welcome everyone over to The Stunt People Store, where we’ve listed three new items:

Stunt People Compilation DVD Volume 1 – Check out some of the best Stunt People shorts on one DVD, which features Rope A Dope, Beard Off, Wake Up Juice, Future Boss, and many more! Every DVD will be autographed by Eric Jacobus himself too, with a funny quote, a drawing, or something ridiculous he comes up with when signing it.

Rope A Dope 2 T-Shirts – Show some style with these flashy Rope A Dope 2 shirts, featuring a cool tagline “Dope Saves Lives” on the back that’ll get you lots of attention. Rope A Dope 2 will be released soon, so get these shirts before it’s cool!

Lastly, Autographed Death Grip Covers! If you’d like to spruce up your Death Grip DVD or Blu-Ray, grab one of these cool autographed covers. Features the autograph of the one and only Johnny Yong Bosch, the original black ranger from Power Rangers, along with cast members Eric Jacobus, Rebecca Ahn, Nathan Hoskins, Chelsea Steffensen, and Sean Rochford. You can also buy a new DVD or Blu-Ray and select the autographed cover as an option, which saves you some cash!

So head over to the Stunt People Store and buy some stuff! We ship internationally and combine shipping!

Three big Update for The Stunt People Store! 2008, 2009, and 2010 shirts are now available for $10.00, $12.00, and $10.00! Limited quantities, get yours today!

Dogs of Chinatown and Detective Story now on sale for $12.00 and $10.00!

And enjoy reduced shipping rates!

  • Shirts – $4.00 solo and $2.00 combined in the US, $7.00 solo and $3.00 combined international.
  • DVDs – $4.00 solo and $2.00 combined in the US, $5.00 solo and $2.00 combined international.

Support The Stunt People and indie filmmaking by visiting The Stunt People Store!

FYI, we’ll be at Comic-Con this year at booth 4015. It’s near the front of the convention in aisle 4000.

We will have Detective Story DVDs, Dogs of Chinatown DVDs, and brand new SP 2010 shirts for sale. So come by and say hi!

Detective Story Trailer:

Dogs of Chinatown Trailer:

Dogs of Chinatown – Trailer from Crimson Wolf Productions, Ltd. on Vimeo.

Stunt People 2010 Shirt

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