Kenji Tanigaki is a name we should all know. He’s been doing stunts and choreography on Donnie Yen’s films since Ballistic Kiss and can be seen in supporting action parts in Wu Xia, Sha Po Lang, and Flash Point. He’s put together a video tribute of Martial Club where his team recreates the famous alley fight between Gordon Liu and Wang Lung Wei. They nailed it. Check out Kenji’s other videos too, since he posts a lot of behind the scenes footage of Donnie’s films.

Kenji Tanigaki

Back in 2003, Chelsea Steffensen and I embarked on our first feature film endeavor, a film he wrote called Immortal. We shot for three months under the sun in a Redding summer and one month in a freezing winter, encountered dozens of injuries, and finished the thing five years later. You can still buy the DVD at The Stunt People Store, but we’ve now made it publicly available because, hey, we just want you to see it. We went through so much pain to make this damn movie; I busted my eye socket and knocked myself out falling through a floor, Gavin got heat sickness, Chelsea broke his nose and big toe, we took on a haunted building for two weeks to make the end fight, and everyone got kicked in the nuts at least a dozen times.

We hope you enjoy this film. It’s all heart, kind of goofy, kind of serious, but the action’s still great.

If you like it, the DVD’s loaded with special features, including a hilarious commentary track where we get drunk and make fun of the film. Buy it here:

To trap its victim, the snake engages the tiger in a battle of blatant shapes in the wilderness.

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Shapely Heroes – Snake’s Victim from Eric Jacobus on Vimeo.

Edward Kahana Jr.
Eric Jacobus