Pete Lee’s latest short film is now online. This Close or This Far stars Zumbi from Zion I and features music by Devochka. Produced by Ed Kahana, who was also the stunt coordinator, and featuring Eric Jacobus, Shaun Finney, Brandon Daranouvongs, Dave Yoo, Stacie Rashel, and Erika Balasabas of The Stunt People.

This Close or This Far from Peter Lee on Vimeo.

“Owned is a crime drama about not being able to escape one’s past, or one’s past debts.” The film stars Stunt People members Dennis Ruel and Troy Carbonel and features Stacie Rashel, with Ray Carbonel and Ed Kahana working behind the scenes. The film is currently in post production.
“OWNED” trailer from Jose Montesinos on Vimeo.

I was referred to the Swish film production company by a Lucas-something (if you’re out there, let me know so I can thank you! I forgot the name!), and they were busy preparing to shoot a big-budget Bollywood film in San Francisco. I was called in to do the fight choreography, and Dennis Ruel and Jackie Do were cast as a couple thugs (Santos and Lai) who beat up the star of the film, Saif Ali Khan.
Call us ignorant Americans, but we had no idea who Saif Ali Khan was until we looked him up on IMDB, and holy… the guy’s famous, and we’re working with him on a 35mm project. It’s been a huge honor. Saif (apparently he also goes by Saifu) is super nice and did all his own stunts and was courteous to us when it came to the choreography. Later in the night his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor showed up on location, and I looked her up on IMDB. Okay, they’re both huge. She left after a couple hours but not before we grabbed some photos with the “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of Bollywood.” Other Hindi actors on location were gushing over the fact that two of Bollywood’s biggest stars were sitting 10 feet from us.
The scene is less a fight scene and more a brutalizing of Saif’s character. I can’t dispell any more than that, and I can’t promise these photos will stay up, but everyone in the production has been super cool. Once I get the title of the project I’ll post it right here.

In 2005 Cecil B. Feeder finished his zombie-horror version of the San Francisco street parking scene starring Dennis Ruel and featuring Ray Carbonel, Troy Carbonel, Donovan McKendrick, and Lydia White. “The Gone With the Wind of kung fu zombie movies, this is the tale of a bloody uprising against the zombie parking police of San Francisco. Starring Dennis Ruel, Gino Kang, Ruth Pescara and man local celebrities, it is a story of one man’s fight, and a symbol of the people’s uprising against a goulish government.”

Meter Maid Me Massacre will premiere at SF Indie’s Another Hole in the Head film festival ( on 6/11 7:15PM, 6:15 5PM, and 6/17 5PM. Check it out on the big screen or watch it right here. -Warning: not safe for work-

The director also has a quicktime version on his site.

Back in 2004, Shaun Charney visited San Francisco and shot this little fight scene with us under the name “Dragon Phoenix”. Leave it to Mr. Charney to make the most out a simple skateboard. Some sound is missing, but otherwise it’s a dandy little short! Stars Shaun Charney, Andy Leung, Gavin Merrick, Eric Jacobus, and Mako Lau.