FYI, we’ll be at Comic-Con this year at booth 4015. It’s near the front of the convention in aisle 4000.

We will have Detective Story DVDs, Dogs of Chinatown DVDs, and brand new SP 2010 shirts for sale. So come by and say hi!

Detective Story Trailer:

Dogs of Chinatown Trailer:

Dogs of Chinatown – Trailer from Crimson Wolf Productions, Ltd. on Vimeo.

Stunt People 2010 Shirt

Booth location:

We got off to a late start Monday night getting down to San Diego for Comic Con, slept for a couple hours at Amberly’s dad’s place, loaded our booth stuff at the dock near the convention, waited for Freeman to deliver our booth stuff, it didn’t come, we left. Swam, Nathan took underwater photos and video, got a good night’s sleep after exploring the city, went back to CC to set up booth and did it in 40 minutes flat! Photos!

I swear, if it weren’t for Shaun Finney, we wouldn’t have regular updates on the SP site. He keeps on working! When we oldies (Chelsea, Nathan, Amberly, Ray, and myself) worked the booth at Comic-Con this year, we’d go home and rest our dogs, but Shaun went out and filmed afterward! His latest is a comedy with some good ‘ol space-time continuum jokes with Jay Huerto of Jabronie Pictures and Shaun Charney.

WMV Download (right click and “Save Target As…”)