The premiere for Death Grip on June 30th, 2012 was a night I’ll never forget. Two years of solid labor suddenly morphed into something real and alive. The audience reaction was incredible. They got every joke (and a bunch of others, which I didn’t expect), screamed at the gore, and cheered after every fight scene. They ate up the DVDs and shirts, people said they wanted to invest, and we’re expecting a bunch of reviews to flow in soon.

And now I’d like to extend a thank you to everyone for making Death Grip happen.

Cast – The overwhelming response was that while the action still beat everyone’s expectations, the acting was the ultimate surprise. The most frequent comment I received was, “I came in expecting just some action movie, but it was like a real movie.” The cast did an incredible job at taking Death Grip far and above the schlocky action film genre and into a new ballpark. Johnny, Nathan, Chelsea, Shaun, Amberly, LaChe, Cynthia, and Sean, I wish you could have made it for the show, but due to a combination of prior engagements and leaky car batteries weren’t able to attend, and the audience missed you all.

Crew – The audience was convinced that Death Grip was made for a few million dollars. This is largely thanks to the efforts of our amazing crew that squeezed every bit of production value out of our budget as they could thanks to their superb grasp of the art form. Drew Daniels (DP), Brett Perry (composer), Brad Wagner (sound recordist), Phil Gorn (sales agent), Justine Jacob (legal), and Matteo Grilli (sound designer and mixer), we missed you all.

Donors – The overwhelming support of our donors helped us meet our budgetary needs and showed us that there’s plenty of hope for the independent genre film. Thank you all. We’ll be sending out donor packages this week, with a short delay for those who requested the Blu Ray upgrade.

Family – Our families gave us extra support when we needed it the most. From financial help to location services, the Jacobus, DeGregorio, and Ahn families were invaluable to the production.

Fans – To readers of this blog, members of The Stunt People Forum who have pushed me since day one, the Facebook community, our Press contacts, and all the other forums and blogs out there putting the word out, we couldn’t make a splash without your support. Many of you came from a long distance to see the show and it as a pleasure to see you all!

Friends – To all the good people who lent support whenever it was needed, from handing out fliers to pushing us on social networks to just bringing people to the show, we thank you!

Investors – To the executive producers who truly believed the independent action film could hold its own in the market, we hope (and expect) to make it worth your while in spades, setting a precedent with Death Grip.

Local BusinessesFlips N Flops Gymnastics, Tiger Claw, Arthur Freyer Lighting, Jonah Hendrickson, Petaluma Historical Museum, The Seasteading Institute, Ongaro & Sons, Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, Yusan Sushi, Arizmendi Bakery, Historic Bal Theatre, and Victory Warehouse were all instrumental in the making of this film. We feel an even stronger sense of community after your help, so thank you for making the Bay Area the perfect location for Death Grip.

Thanks to all of you, Death Grip is sure to make an impact. Now let’s see some reviews 😀

It irks me to see fellow film editors suffer because software in the video and art world is inexcusably bad. I have a computer programming background, but programmers’ interests seem to overlap the least with artists’. Yet artists continually prove they’re willing to be screwed over by prohibitively high prices and shoddy quality (Premiere 4 should forever be vacuum sealed in carboninte as an example), and programmers rarely see the opportunities present in the art world for new software. Here’s me attempting to reach out and bring light to our needs.

Software idea – Notepad for Editors

When I’m editing video and playing the video on my timeline, if I change focus (switch windows), the player stops. If I’m trying to take notes on an edit, I have to stop the video, take notes, and then resume the video. If I’m taking sound notes, this can sometimes double the amount of time I spent in front of the computer, which, if I’m worth $20/hour (that’s putting it nicely), costs me forty bucks each time. So somebody please figure out either

a) a text editor that runs “on top” of everything so Premiere or FCP
b) a text editor plugin for these programs
c) which setting or hotkey allows me to do this in these programs, because if the ability exists, they sure don’t like to make it obvious

You could probably sell this for fifty bucks.

Update: You can now purchase tickets for the premiere at for $10 each!

Make sure you join the Death Grip Theatrical Premiere Event Page on Facebook to get regular updates about the big release day coming up! Just to recap, the details of the premiere are:

Death Grip Theatrical Premiere
Saturday June 30, 2012 @ 7:00 PM
Where: Bal Theatre – 14808 E 14th St., San Leandro, CA 94578 (Google Maps)

Ticket information is coming soon. And it’s never too late to donate to the project. Remember, $30 gets you a DVD and special thanks on our website!



This is a bit of a late notice, but Javed Khan’s “The Fighter” will be premiering this weekend in Terre Haute, Indiana. I worked on the film back in August of 2007 as a fight choreographer for two of the fight scenes (my own fight and part of the finale in the barn), and I have my fight against Javed somewhere in the middle of the film… I think. Info and trailer below:

Friday, April 24, 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Medaows Theater
City/Town: Terre Haute, IN

Phone: 8122013732