The Stunt People will be exhibiting at the Southern California Martial Arts Convention (SCMA) on October 11 – 12 in Del Mar, CA. “For the first time ever, enthusiasts from all disciplines including Kung Fu, Karate, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA now have an event in Southern California to call their own in this jam packed two day event.” Click the flier below for more information!

Micah Brock’s short film “Johnny Owes”, featuring Dennis Ruel of The Stunt People, recently won the Action on Film Festival’s “Best Fight Choreography (short)” award. Micah’s hard-hitting style of choreography is reminiscent of Tony Jaa’s in “Ong Bak” and “The Protector” and undoubtedly made an impact on the judges when they handed down their decisions. The small-res version is embedded below, but Brock recommends the high definition download since it was shot in HD.
Johnny Owes – Martial Arts Action Short Film,t=1,mt=video

Thursday was the official “first day” of Comic-con, and it was already insane. The crowd was so thick we could barely get through the front doors to our booth. It was so packed they actually let people in early because the lines outside were getting so huge, and now we know we’re going to have to get to the convention early so we don’t have an empty booth.

We played some more of Namco’s Soul Calibur and saw Bao Tran’s film “Bookie”. Some of the fine folks we met were William Katt, his stuntman, and Robert Culp of The Greatest American Hero and MMA heavyweight Muay Thai champion and American Gladiator “Crush”, Gina Carrano. *swoon*