Come join us for an Ask-Me-Anything session at Vancouver Film School on Apr 16th, when I'll talk stunts, motion capture, beards, action choreography, working in the industry, more beards, and so on. Hope to see you there. You can visit the Eventbrite page here:

As somebody who has now put together several films of your own, who have been your greatest creative inspirations? Who are your favorite directors or writers? Aside from the Vaudeville and Hong Kong masters, I love the simplicity of the 80s genre film. We all love directors like John Carpenter. We love the movers of [...]

I had the honor of being interviewed recently by Darkhan City Times for their Elders of the Runestone podcast. We talk about Jet Li, why some action films suck, videogames, and other nerdy stuff. I totally felt at home. Click here for the podcast. (Me punching Quinn, one of the super nice guys who interviewed [...]