The final day of Comic Con. It was busy as hell, sales were slow but it was still a blast. Some dudes dressed as Fatal Fury characters came by, Rufio from Hook, Predators everywhere, Adrian Paul from Highlander, Buddy Christ and The Pope, Brittney Powell (Britney Spears impersonator who looked better than Spears herself), and finally a bearded man who was a big fan of Nathan.


While editing Immortal, I made the painful decision of cutting a fight from the film. Why did I cut it? Because the fight had literally no place in the film. But the good news is you can just watch it for free. The temp music is still in place because it fit so nicely, and back in 2003 nobody had used this famous Matrix Reloaded song yet. Also, the special effect at the end is unfinished.

In this scene, the villain of Immortal, David Graves (me), goes over to a house where some junkies (Chelsea Steffensen, Vlad Rimburg, Nathaniel Pierson, in order of size) are holed up. The scene was shot in Nathaniel’s house when he lived in the projects in Redding. We shot it leisurely over the course of five days. If you like what you see, be sure to purchase the Immortal DVD at our online store. This fight and a couple others are included as deleted scenes on the DVD.