Check out the trailer for Hiroshi Adachi’s directorial debut “Detective Story”, starring Adachi and Eric Jacobus. The film is still in production, and as of now Adachi plans to release it online once complete. Planned running time is roughly 45 minutes.

Trailer from Hiroshi Adachi on Vimeo.

Micah Moore (“Dogs of Chinatown”) has finished the teaser for the hip-hop chase and fight caper “Beat Down Boogie.” “Beat Down Boogie” features “Lawrence Young (Law)” from “Contour” played by Eric Jacobus, as well as appearances by Emmanuel Manzanares and Shawn Bernal of Lazy Brown Productions, and Matt Sumner and Brian Lee from “Dogs of Chinatown.” Enjoy the teaser in multiple formats below (HD available).
Beat Down Boogie Practice Tape from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

Youtube Stream (with HD version)


Saturday December 6, 2008
Eric Jacobus and Ray Carbonel of The Stunt People performed stunts for Joe and Steve Greenberg’s action-comedy “Sexual Tension.” The action scene takes place in a drug hangout where the goons are all working in “booche,” a powder much like cocaine, except it’s green and causes its users to orgasm. Expect to see high-flying acrobatics and some hard falls from Jacobus and Carbonel.

The short was shot on the Red One camera, which produces images with up to 4000 vertical lines of resolution.

Posted by Manny on the board:
“So to update you all on some info we’ve been not so keeping secret, Shawn and I flew out to San Francisco to work with The Stunt People so they could film a fight for the 4th and Final Episode of “Those Who Go To Hell”. This occurred way before when I personally asked everyone (meaning Leo, Paul, Jon, Jay, Derek, Eric, Dennis, Ray, Shaun, etc) to come out to Chicago and be a part of this project, as I would love to work with them and felt this was the best opportunity to do so. Thus, everyone came out except for Eric and company. That’s when Shawn and I decided to go out to them and work with the best of the best. How was it? Well…the video can speak for itself.”