On Pete’s World of Martial Arts and Science, Pete visits a martial arts school where the master does a different type of Karate. Grandmaster Okuma demonstrates his ki power by throwing his students without even touching them. Intentionally made so it looks like it was recorded off an old VHS.

Pete Lee
Lucas Okuma
Eric Jacobus
Shaun Finney
Alex Ng
Dave Yoo

Stacie Rashel

Eric Jacobus

At a recent gym practice, we discovered the healing power of pads. After spending three hours competing to see who could wreck the biggest castle, dive through the smallest hole without disturbing a precarious stack of pads, and traverse the most column pads without falling on his face, we had enough footage to make a kickass video for you.

Pad Crashers – The Stunt People from Eric Jacobus on Vimeo.

When we returned home, beaten and defeated, from Comic-Con 2008, we were delighted to see we were featured in XBOX Live Marketplace’s video section. If you have an XBOX360, go check it out, or you can just watch the video below. Just be forewarned: we had been standing at our booth for 3 days and suddenly were approached to do an interview and asked to do some stunts without warming up, without any pads, and basically without warning.

Howy cwap we hab ow own bwade!

Video: Comic-Con 2008: The Stunt People