Now that we’ve discovered Flips N’ Flops Gymnastics, we’ve no shortage of videos of us doing flips, tricks, kicks, wushu, falls, and stupid stuff. Every once in a while I’ll post some practice clips on the Stunt Practice Page.

I’ve also added film sections for Detour and Flower thieves, where you can watch and download these films, and if you want, leave some lovely, thought-provoking comments at the bottom. We read all of them and take them to heart, even the classic “you guys suck, stop making movies and die while you’re at it” ones. We like those.   

Recently Scott Wu of The Stunt People took a hiatus from stuntwork to compete across the US in sport Karate tournaments. In 2007 he made it into the final round of the ISKA US Open and took second place with his impressive traditional form. We’re proud of our Scott Wu, and having just competed in the ISKA US Open 2008, he’s back with The Stunt People and ready to get back into filming. Check out the finals below to see some Sport Karate madness.