Ric Meyers showed Death Grip at his kung fu movie panel, and I had the opportunity to meet James Lew before the panel. It was awesome. Though the crowd was an entirely different demographic than the one that attended our premiere, they laughed at all the same jokes. Afterward Ric had us all stand in front of a cheering audience.

All kinds of other awesome things happened too. Nathan met Eric Roberts, who signed a photo of him doing a stunt, sales were great, and I got to meet James Lew. Oh wait I said that already.

We got off to a late start Monday night getting down to San Diego for Comic Con, slept for a couple hours at Amberly’s dad’s place, loaded our booth stuff at the dock near the convention, waited for Freeman to deliver our booth stuff, it didn’t come, we left. Swam, Nathan took underwater photos and video, got a good night’s sleep after exploring the city, went back to CC to set up booth and did it in 40 minutes flat! Photos!

Wondercon 09 was yet another successful convention for The Stunt People. We met some celebrities like Ray Park and Jim Lee and did a good share of business, enough to get us to Comic-con in July. Hope to see you all there! Click the photo to go to the gallery.

Off we went to Comic-Con! We left Berkeley at 7pm and drove practically non-stop to San Diego. I did all the driving. I have no idea why. Maybe I was too tired to stop and let someone else drive. We arrived at Amberly’s father’s place at 3:30 AM and crashed until 6:00, went to the convention, got the run-around because we’re dumb kids and nobody likes us, and finally got our booth set up.

Another nap at Amberly’s dad’s place and we were off for preview night. We did pretty well for preview night, met a few folks who also made films, Chelsea played Soul Calibur 4, and we came back.

San Diego Comic-con is upon us! The Stunt People will be exhibiting this year at booth #5419, located on the back wall of the convention at the end of aisle 2000. We’ll have the Indican version of Contour for sale as well as Undercut, Immortal, shirts, bracelets, and posters. And autographs!

We hope to see you there! Below is a small map so you can find us.