I swear, if it weren’t for Shaun Finney, we wouldn’t have regular updates on the SP site. He keeps on working! When we oldies (Chelsea, Nathan, Amberly, Ray, and myself) worked the booth at Comic-Con this year, we’d go home and rest our dogs, but Shaun went out and filmed afterward! His latest is a comedy with some good ‘ol space-time continuum jokes with Jay Huerto of Jabronie Pictures and Shaun Charney.

WMV Download (right click and “Save Target As…”) http://www.jabroniepictures.com/movies/comicconbrawl2.wmv

When we returned home, beaten and defeated, from Comic-Con 2008, we were delighted to see we were featured in XBOX Live Marketplace’s video section. If you have an XBOX360, go check it out, or you can just watch the video below. Just be forewarned: we had been standing at our booth for 3 days and suddenly were approached to do an interview and asked to do some stunts without warming up, without any pads, and basically without warning.

Howy cwap we hab ow own bwade!

Video: Comic-Con 2008: The Stunt People