Ric Meyers showed Death Grip at his kung fu movie panel, and I had the opportunity to meet James Lew before the panel. It was awesome. Though the crowd was an entirely different demographic than the one that attended our premiere, they laughed at all the same jokes. Afterward Ric had us all stand in front of a cheering audience.

All kinds of other awesome things happened too. Nathan met Eric Roberts, who signed a photo of him doing a stunt, sales were great, and I got to meet James Lew. Oh wait I said that already.

When we walked into the exhibit hall today to begin our Comic-Con 2012 adventure, the initial impression was: holy sh*t. Not only is Comic-Con bigger, but it’s louder, thicker, longer, and faster. Legendary is two hundred yards from us with a Dolby Surround system and a 130-inch LED TV near the ceiling playing every trailer since 2009, and Konami is around the corner with a booth that looks less like a booth and more like a castle.

The Stunt People exhibited the first day with an all-new booth design by Chelsea and Rebecca that drew a solid crowd. Sales were better than the last three years combined for preview night, when the exhibit hall opens for only three hours to a more select group of attendees who want to get in and buy the collectibles before the big crowd arrives on Thursday. The Stunt People banner is missing, so we’re showcasing the Action Pact Entertainment logo above the booth. People are less likely to assume we’re a stuntmen trade association this way. Once we get the SP banner we’ll put it in back above the TV for those who engage our booth.

Ric Meyers prepped me for his Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza panel with him tomorrow night, where I’ll be featuring some action from Death Grip. it. I probably shouldn’t tell you exactly what he said about the fights in Death Grip, but I can say that of the six or so other film snippets playing, Death Grip will be the last one for a reason.

We’re going to do our best to get into other people’s panels, including one with an appearance by Jackie Chan and the cast of Expendables 2. To be honest, there’s no way in high hell we’re going to get into these, let alone meet the stars, and least of all hand them a DVD. The fanfare at Comic-Con is utterly super-human. There’s still a line around the building waiting to see a cast appearance at the Twilight panel on Thursday, and get this: the line started on Monday. These kinds of waits are common, and we simply aren’t hardcore enough to do it. Plus, we’ve got a movie to sell, and so far people are really, really digging Death Grip.

Enjoy these pics from the show. We’re stoked about tomorrow, and we’ll post plenty more pics from then too!

FYI, we’ll be at Comic-Con this year at booth 4015. It’s near the front of the convention in aisle 4000.

We will have Detective Story DVDs, Dogs of Chinatown DVDs, and brand new SP 2010 shirts for sale. So come by and say hi!

Detective Story Trailer:

Dogs of Chinatown Trailer:

Dogs of Chinatown – Trailer from Crimson Wolf Productions, Ltd. on Vimeo.

Stunt People 2010 Shirt

Booth location:

The final day of Comic Con. It was busy as hell, sales were slow but it was still a blast. Some dudes dressed as Fatal Fury characters came by, Rufio from Hook, Predators everywhere, Adrian Paul from Highlander, Buddy Christ and The Pope, Brittney Powell (Britney Spears impersonator who looked better than Spears herself), and finally a bearded man who was a big fan of Nathan.


Got to Comic Con early enough to play some of Namco’s Tekken 6, met some stuntmen, saw a huge Bumble Bee from Transformers, big Mech Assault thing, wax Wolverine that looked exactly like Hugh Jackman, Boba Fett, Altair from Assassin’s Creed, a Superman who teaches Economics and History, Tyrese Gibson, Virginia Hey, and of course WWE’s Rob Van Dam.

We got off to a late start Monday night getting down to San Diego for Comic Con, slept for a couple hours at Amberly’s dad’s place, loaded our booth stuff at the dock near the convention, waited for Freeman to deliver our booth stuff, it didn’t come, we left. Swam, Nathan took underwater photos and video, got a good night’s sleep after exploring the city, went back to CC to set up booth and did it in 40 minutes flat! Photos!

Wondercon 09 was yet another successful convention for The Stunt People. We met some celebrities like Ray Park and Jim Lee and did a good share of business, enough to get us to Comic-con in July. Hope to see you all there! Click the photo to go to the gallery.

At Comic-Con 2008 we were fortunate to meet Victoria Erica of Geek FM Radio, who interviewed me about The Stunt People and what we’re all about. The Geek FM Radio site is dedicated to geek stuff I guess, and we fit that nicely. So have a listen below, and don’t forget to check out their site for more audio-casts of nerds like us. Our interview is about half-way through the recording.
Geek FM Show #18

Geek FM Show #18 from http://geekfmradio.vox.com/