San Diego Comic-con is upon us! The Stunt People will be exhibiting this year at booth #5419, located on the back wall of the convention at the end of aisle 2000. We’ll have the Indican version of Contour for sale as well as Undercut, Immortal, shirts, bracelets, and posters. And autographs!

We hope to see you there! Below is a small map so you can find us.

Despite some bad weather, sleepless nights, and 20,000 people packed into a small space during flu season (three of which were infected and working our booth), we’d like to think that Wondercon 08 was a mild success. Our location this time provided less foot traffic compared to last year’s, but we still got to meet some famous folks like ECW’s Rob Van Damme and Jason Tobin of Better Luck Tomorrow, as well as many SP regulars. Hope to see you at Comic-con this year!

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