I have a theory that art films are starting to masquerade as action films because in a globalized economy, producers can't pick any contemporary villains, so characters' conflicts end up being directed internally. Hence, we get a slew of boring action movies, which hire the best talent to pepper the film with 5-10 minutes of [...]

Yesterday I shot the first fight scene I've done since finishing Death Grip. It's a videogame parody where I play a Karate man taking on two other players played by fellow Stunt People and Death Grip actors Shaun Finney and Yun Lujhei Yang. Stunt practices have paid off: I could still kick and punch pretty quick, [...]

I had the honor of being interviewed recently by Darkhan City Times for their Elders of the Runestone podcast. We talk about Jet Li, why some action films suck, videogames, and other nerdy stuff. I totally felt at home. Click here for the podcast. (Me punching Quinn, one of the super nice guys who interviewed [...]