Here are select videos of Eric Jacobus in action. You can see more at Eric’s YouTube Channel.

ROPE BETA 01zsg RADposter3 - 1800x SENSITIVE proto14 Vader Strikes Back_vader
Mario-Warfare-Mushroom-Kingdom-4 Undercut Cover

Grave Error


Eric’s Comedic Action Showreel

Eric’s Stunt Reel

Beard-Off – Eric Steals His Own Beard

The Kicktionary – 200+ kicks for Action Film by Eric

Future Boss – Google Glass teaches you Kung Fu!

Wake Up Juice – Grossout fight scene – Bloody!

Bathroom fight scene from Death Grip with Johnny Yong Bosch

Knife fight scene from Death Grip with Alvin Hsing

Paper Pushers – Kali fight with Edward Kahana Jr.

Hand Over Fist – a Wheels On Meals tribute with Hiroshi Adachi