Blind man Walter Cooke heads to the store to get some milk and apples to make his special apple pie, but when mafia thugs try to shake down the store owner, Walter demonstrates what a trained blind martial artist is capable of.

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Blindsided is directed by Clayton J. Barber (Creed, Blade 2) and stars Eric Jacobus (ABCs of Death 2, Rope A Dope, Mortal Kombat Legacy), Roger Yuan (Skyfall, Shanghai Noon, Jason Bourne), Pete Antico (Lethal Weapon 3, Con Air, 24) and Renae Moneymaker (X-Men, Hunger Games, Bourne Legacy) as well as Nicholas Verdi (Close Range, True Blood, Agents of SHIELD), Brett Sheerin (Hobbit, Wolverine, X-Men), and Khalid Ghajji (Ip Man 3, Creed, Training Day). Produced by David No (Matrix Reloaded, Mr. Nice Guy, Forged).

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