Vaporwave is fascinating. Something about it is very soothing, despite being totally eerie. I've used some Vaporwave aesthetics in some of my past videos: I began obsessing over this strange sub-genre of music. The air of nostalgia you get from this stuff is mind-boggling. For example, if you're an American born in the [...]

Recently I posted about story structure. Typically, the entire story has 40 or so scenes, each one with a beginning and end. What to do with the stuff in between? That's where more structure comes in, and you can literally use the same structure to figure out the beats of a scene. This way, there's [...]

Action films are very structure-based, so they require solid construction to guide you through the dramatic turns that can keep the audience glued to their seats in between action sets. Save The Cat is just right for the job. You might get six pages through it before your idea is magically re-ignited, which makes this [...]