After we spent a week at 87eleven, Alvin Hsing and I came away with this video to show what came of our efforts – a pre-viz (choroegraphed and shot rough version) for the final knife fight in A Good Day to Die Hard (that’s Die Hard #5). The scene called for McClane to face off against the film’s villain Alik on a rooftop, with Alik wielding a knife and using some combination of Krav Maga and some basic Silat. McClane is, of course, limited to his wits and left-handed haymakers, which was a lot of fun. Lock an artist in a room and he’ll build a city.

I play John McClane fighting the Alik character, played by Alvin. It’s an American-style fight with some Hong Kong flare, but done in a way to 1. take advantage of the fact that Willis is left-handed and 2. not overload the producers with “shoe leather”, or excessive martial artsy stuff. You know, that straight, industrial-grade action that we all drink by the gallon, the side effect being that we now require it on a daily basis.

But perhaps it was still too much, as the fight never made it into the film. I can’t say whether it was filmed and subsequently edited out, but judging by the structure of the finale of A Good Day it’s apparent that they never shot it at all.

So maybe we will.

All in all it was a huge joy primarily to work with JJ Perry in crafting the scene, with Chad Stahelski nearby. They would tell us when we were taking it too far in certain directions, since these guys know producers from an action standpoint like nobody else. We had some fun ideas that were just too Hong Kong-y, like a flying headbutt that was tied off so my body would stop mid-air when the contact line was hit, as well as a LOT more shoe leather. I love that stuff. Also working with Jeremy Marinas, who aside from being of the world’s best trickers is also a hell of a photographer, was straightforward and fun since we both knew the best angles for action, which tended to be the same. The Natural Law of Action shines through.

The Gold Rush

We used a GoPro to capture a lightsaber battle in the first-person perspective. Enjoy!

Starring Gary Ripper as Darth Vader and Eric Jacobus as Jedi
Choreography, costumes, and props by Alain Bloch and Daniel Okada
GoPro Operation: Thomas Tan
Production Assistant: Leonard Zhang
Visual Effects: Ulrik Bruccholz (
Sound & Editing: Eric Jacobus

Special thanks to Flips-n-Flops Gymnastics ( for the location
and Golden Gate Knights ( for the equipment and expertise


We at The Stunt People are all a bunch of gamer geeks, so here’s our tribute to one of the best beat-em-ups ever made, Triple Dragon! Stars Lucas Okuma, Dennis Ruel, and me, taking on four levels of retro insanity Double Dragon-style. Hell we even ripped off the beginning of the game because we couldn’t think of anything more original.

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The Stunt People are at it again with the latest feature film from Contour writer, director, and star Eric Jacobus.


After 15 years of estrangement, caterer Kenny Zemacus checks his idiot savant brother Mark out of a mental institution, promising to provide him with a better home. Assigned a last minute museum catering gig, Kenny reluctantly brings Mark along, who is immediately captivated by the museum’s showpiece – the world-renowned Sacred Coin of Judas. While cleaning up after the event, an elaborate heist unfolds around them to steal the Coin, and Mark’s childlike fascination unwittingly entangles the two brothers in the middle, pinning them with the crime.

Worried that contacting the authorities will result in social services permanently repossessing Mark, the two brothers must recover the Coin themselves to clear their names. When Mark is captured, Kenny must descend into the dark world of a murderous satanic cult to save his brother from their clutches and from the mysterious allure of the Coin itself. But both brothers are about the discover the true depths of the hell they must face to reach each other, and just how deadly the Coin’s grasp can be.

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