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On Tuesday I’ll be interviewed on the On Blast Show, taking questions live about anything from my role in Mortal Kombat Legacy to my short stint on the latest A Good Day to Die Hard as well as anything related to Death Grip, Contour, The Stunt People, and whatever else you all can think of. Here’s the info:

What: Interview with Actor/Martial Artist Eric Jacobus, “Stryker” of Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 and Director/Star of Death Grip
When: LIVE Tues Jan 22 2013, 7pm PST 10pm EST
Where: Watch me LIVE at and post your questions to Twitter @theonblastshow, we’ll try to get to all of them
Hope to hear from you all!
UPDATE: The interview was great, a lot of awesome questions such as “That beard is epic, is it in Mortal Kombat Legacy?” and “Of all the women in the Mortal Kombat game, which one would you do in bed?” which I answer to the best of my abilities. You guys rock. Here’s the interview, in 2 parts (I come in around 14:45 in Part I).




Media Mikes’ has just posted my interview on their site where I talk about my role in Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 as Stryker. There are a few other tidbits in there too, including my announcement of our next project Marine Core. We’ll be making an official announcement in the coming weeks.

Check out the interview here:


I had the honor to be featured along with Rebecca Ahn on the Comedy Film Nerds podcast with Graham Elwood and Chris J. Mancini. We talk about Death Grip, action movies we love, and other nerdy stuff you’ll all dig. Enjoy.

Listen to it at the Comedy Film Nerds website –
iTunes link –
mp3 file –

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Speical thanks to Gene Ching and Tiger Claw for the promotion.