Back in 1999 when The Stunt People was just a website full of Hong Kong film reviews by one author (me), the internet was still basically a dirt mall. For action film fanatics / filmmakers, it was a frustrating time. Just as we were discovering that awesome Hong Kong cinema market, Youtube still hadn't been [...]

Comic Con Saturday, tons of people, Zombie chick, the best Power Girl we've ever seen, Iron Man, super flexible Bayonetta girl, Aion angel thingie, The Pope!, Michael Papajohn from Transformers 2 and Spiderman, Kitty as Sailor Moon (the blue one, and according to a nearby expert she isn't supposed to use that staff), Thundercats, a [...]

SP member JJ Johnson just posted up some photos of himself in Iraq alongside Tim Kahana, Ed's younger brother. They're currently serving as Marines in one of the most dangerous areas of the world. They even found time to do some advertising for us. JJ and Tim, we wish you a safe tour and hope [...]