Eric Jacobus’s action design company SuperAlloy Interactive is now collaborating with Jacob Dzwinel on his sandbox fighting game. Jacobus is handling the choreographed action design and developing moves as well as performing for the main character using SuperAlloy’s in-house motion capture system.

We used a GoPro to capture a lightsaber battle in the first-person perspective. Enjoy!

Starring Gary Ripper as Darth Vader and Eric Jacobus as Jedi
Choreography, costumes, and props by Alain Bloch and Daniel Okada
GoPro Operation: Thomas Tan
Production Assistant: Leonard Zhang
Visual Effects: Ulrik Bruccholz (
Sound & Editing: Eric Jacobus

Special thanks to Flips-n-Flops Gymnastics ( for the location
and Golden Gate Knights ( for the equipment and expertise



I’ve had the honor of being asked to play the part of Stryker for Mortal Kombat Legacy – Season 2.

Stryker character bio
Press release for Eric Jacobus as Stryker

On the right is a pic of me as Stryker, director Kevin Tancharoen, and Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) as Johnny Cage. I’ll show more pics as I’m allowed to post them. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for more press releases. And be excited!

Series is set to release second quarter of 2013.