The first official teaser trailer to the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall - the follow-up to Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace - has been released. With Daniel Graig working with a new cast and crew, one might raise a few eyebrows on whether it will deliver and surpass the previous outings. However, the given footage might [...]

Day 3 - Friday, May 18. Got to the producer's workshop late. The speakers were two producers, one of whom, Katriel Schory, manages an Israeli film fund that finances 3-5 films per year at about $500,000 each. The discussion was on what kind of producers we are, creative, financial, or personal (often, you're only one [...]

We left on Tuesday morning at 4am for the Oakland airport, driven by a man named Kabir, who took special interest in my having worked on a Bollywood film, Love Aaj Kaal, and he loved action films in general. Turns out he has a brother in the Bollywood industry. We exchanged business cards. Before leaving [...]