Stuntman Eric Jacobus is known for his Tekken IRL videos, but now he’s venturing into new territory by taking on the Dead or Alive franchise. Jacobus’s latest video features Bayman’s Sambo style from DOA5.

Jacobus notes the real-life applicability of Bayman’s style:

Bayman is a Spetsnaz soldier who practices Sambo, which is a Russian martial art based in Judo. While Sambo strikes aren’t flashy, the throws are fantastic. Most of Bayman’s movelist is applicable in real-world situations.

Be sure to enable annotations and vote in the poll during the video to tell Eric which character you’d like to see next.


Eric Jacobus and Clayton Barber (of Creed and Blade II fame) recently completed postproduction on their latest action short titled Blindsided, produced by David No (Matrix Reloaded).

Blindsided tells the story of Walter Cooke (Jacobus), a blind man with a smile who ventures to his neighborhood grocery store, run by Gordon (Roger Yuan, Shanghai Noon) to buy milk and apples to make a pie, but when mobsters threaten to shake down the store, Walter shows them what a blind martial artist is capable of.

Jacobus, who wrote the screenplay, and Barber, who directs the pic, set out to retell the classic Japanese samurai tale of Zatoichi from an American perspective. Walter isn’t your typical brooding superhero ala Daredevil. He’s innocent, witty, and likes his pie.

Walter’s neighbor, played by Pete Antico (Lethal Weapon 3), can’t understand how a blind man can get around so easily without breaking stride. While the inspiration for the Walter character came initially from Zatoichi, Jacobus studied under a blind athlete named Walter Raineri (coincidentally, Jacobus wrote the “Walter” character before ever knowing about Raineri) which added a new layer to the character. Jacobus said in a recent screening of the film:

Meeting real Walter gave us a new insight into the world of the blind. Walter became less a victim, more a stumbling block for everyone around him in this dangerous environment, which he passes through without a hitch.

The title for Blindsided was created by Barber, who wanted to create a deep character who was an original take on Zatoichi.


Everyone is blindsided in this film by a mysterious man who wanders into these situations and wrecks havoc, only to walk away smiling every time.

David No, acting as producer of the film, also oversaw post-production, which involved months of editing, sound design, color correction, and an entirely original score by Steffen Schmidt.

Since Blindsided finished post-production, Jacobus, Barber, and No have entered the film into multiple festivals. Screening details will be posted as they become available.

Blindsided is slated to release online early 2017. Be sure to like the Blindsided Facebook page where more updates will be posted.

BLINDSIDED poster.jpg

After a hiatus during which he changed studios and traveled the state working on various stunt projects, Eric Jacobus has released his latest Tekken IRL video. This time Jacobus dons the cat mask and performs the movelist for Armor King. After going back and forth between his favorite gym The Open Matt and his personal studio for 4 days, Jacobus held a live YouTube session where he edited Armor King’s movelist while answering questions from fans.

Jacobus posted a small description of the experience on his YouTube upload:

While he doesn’t have the huge array of throw combos King has, Armor King does have some throw chains along with some powerful kicks. He’s King Lite.

The decision to tackle Armor King’s movelist was made after poll results from the Raven IRL video showed a clear preference for Armor King over any other choices.

Tekken Raven poll 3.PNG

Jacobus posted a new poll for Armor King. While he prioritizes Lili’s movelist, he’ll consider the next poll’s highest rank as well. Additionally, Jacobus revealed in his Facebook live chats that he already has all the footage for Anna Williams’ movelist and only needs to edit it, which he plans to do live again.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to share it!