_bb_9809Eric is a California-based stuntman who works in film and video games as a performer and fight coordinator. Known for his hard falls, fast hands, and wide variety of kicks, coupled with his penchant for physical comedy, Eric is like a martial arts version of Buster Keaton. Eric is also a pioneer of the independent action film movement.

In 2012, Eric and veteran stunt coordinator Clayton J. Barber founded JB Productions and produced multiple award-winning shorts including the Rope A Dope series and Blindsided. Eric also founded the San Francisco-based stunt team The Stunt People in 2001, with whom he produced and performed in over 100 short films and multiple feature films.

Eric’s work behind the camera includes choreographing, shooting, and editing. He’s worked as an action director in Bollywood on Man Who Can Feel No Pain and on Boots Riley’s Sorry To Bother You. He speaks conversational Cantonese and Spanish, with some Mandarin and Japanese to boot, and he grows a big beard.